We are Mike and Emma and together we run The Onion Barge. We deliver fresh organic fruit and vegetables and other wonderful, tasty and eco friendly stuff to boats (and houses) along the canal in London. We love organic fruit and vegetables because they are grown in a sustainable way without nasty synthetic chemical sprays and powders by people who care so much about what they are doing that they have worked for years (and spent loads of money) to get the right certification for their soil. This means that organic fruit and vegetables have more of the minerals and nutrients that your body needs to be super healthy, and the farming practices involved help to improve the quality of our soil and surrounding environment for future generations. We have lots of different sized fruit and veg boxes that you can order from us and you can add other essential store cupboard ingredients and products to your order. We deliver by Narrowboat, moving slowly down the canal, so can deliver straight to your boat or your back garden if it’s on the waterway, or bring your box to you by bicycle if you are near to our route.

We continuously cruised on the London Canal network for five years until a battle with cancer became a marathon rather than a sprint. This ongoing health issue not only gave us the opportunity to settle onto a permanent mooring in Southall but also meant that we had to take a closer look at our diet and lifestyle. The result of this is an increased passion for the core principles of the Onion Barge business:- sustainability, environmental awareness, engagement with community, and a whole lot of fun.

As continuous cruisers we had faced various challenges that go hand in hand with that lifestyle, namely waste disposal and obtaining the quality everyday products that we loved at a reasonable price. A main aim of our business is to provide everyday food and store cupboard essentials with the absolute bare minimum of packaging because we would like to cut waste down to as close to zero as possible, for practical as well as environmental reasons. So we also offer refills where relevant and encourage people to reuse any packaging. We stock bottles and jars for this purpose, but also encourage people to provide and reuse their own containers. We also offer a service to collect our customers’ fruit and veg “waste” so it can be composted (on our allotment) if people do not have the facilities to do this themselves.